What is Considered Dental Emergency?

Feb 01, 2020

The very first thing you should do if you are experiencing any dental problem is to call your dentist. However, sometimes your dentist may not be available or maybe it’s at night. At times like those, what should you do?

Well, the first thing you need to do is determine if it is a dental emergency or not. There are some issues that can wait till morning while others need to be attended to immediately. If it is an emergency, you need to contact an Emergency Dentist near you.

How to Determine If It Is an Emergency

Dental emergencies are very common. Statistics show that over 22% of Americans have experienced dental pain in the last six months. However, not every problem is a dental emergency. To help you determine if it’s an emergency or not, ask yourself these questions:

Is the Pain Severe?

If the pain is serious, that’s an emergency. Contact an emergency dentist near you and have him take a look at it. If the pain is manageable, take some painkillers and wait until morning to see a dentist.

Is it a Case of Lost Tooth?

A knocked-out tooth is a definite emergency and you need to contact the dentist ASAP. Try to attach the tooth back as you make your way to the dentist.

Are You Bleeding?

If you are bleeding from the mouth, it can be a sign of an emergency. If the bleeding is not serious, maybe you can wait till morning.

Is It An Infection?

A serious infection in your mouth can even be life-threatening. This is not something that should wait. Some signs of an infection include swelling around the mouth and face, knots on your gums, and severe pain. If you see such signs, contact your dentist ASAP.

What is Not an Emergency?

Some dental problems don’t qualify to be considered as dental emergencies and can wait a bit. You can wait for a few days as you assess the problem. You can even take care of some problems yourself. An example of a dental problem that is not an emergency is a painless chipped tooth.

Toothache can also last the night and see the dentist in the morning. However, if the pain is severe, visit an ER for a checkup.

A lost crown or filling can also wait a few days. In the meantime, stick gum on the cavity. The gum should be sugar-free. You can even try putting the crown back where it is supposed to be. Denture adhesive or dental cement can help you stick the crown back. Never use super glue!

Handling Common Dental Emergencies

Contacting a dentist should always be the first thing to do. But before you get there, there are some things you can do to alleviate the pain or save a tooth. Here are some effective ways of handling common emergencies:

Knocked-out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth can be saved if you react fast. To increase the chances, ensure to do the following:

  • Pick the tooth from the ground by the crown and don’t touch the root
  • Rinse it and don’t scrub it
  • Try to insert the tooth back to the socket
  • If it’s too painful, put the tooth in a small container containing milk or water with some salt in it
  • Use the fastest means possible to get to the dentist. The faster you arrive there, the higher the chances of saving the tooth.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

A serious and painful fracture is a dental emergency. Clean your mouth with warm water and then use the cold compress method to alleviate pain. Take Acetaminophen if the pain is not improving. Avoid numbing gel at this time. It may damage the gums.

Abscessed Tooth

Rinse your mouth with salty water a few times. The mild salt water may help alleviate pain and can draw the pus to the surface.

Broken Wires and Braces

Try using a pencil on the eraser end of it to try to push the wire to a comfortable position. Then cover the place with orthodontic wax or small cotton. Get to the dentist’s office as soon as possible. Avoid cutting the wires because you may swallow it unintentionally.

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