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Root Canal Therapy in South Houston


Root canal therapy becomes a necessary dental treatment once the pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth), becomes inflamed or infected by decay or infection. If the inflammation or infection is left untreated, it can cause pain or lead to an abscess, which can eventually result in tooth loss.

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is often chosen to treat severe decay inside the tooth because, otherwise, the tooth would fully decay and would need to be removed. Many patients are under the impression that the best solution for this condition is to simply have the tooth extracted (pulled). However, through a root canal treatment, you can save a tooth from decay and even restore it for normal functions, such as chewing.

Root Canal Procedure

A standard root canal procedure usually requires one or more appointments and is performed by Dr. Espili or an endodontist, who is a root canal specialist.

  • 1. First, the tooth and surrounding areas are numbed using a local anesthetic. A rubber dam is placed around the tooth to keep the area isolated and free of saliva.
  • 2. Next, an opening is created on top of the tooth in order to reach the inner tooth pulp. Using special dental instruments, the decayed pulp is removed along with any other signs of decay, and the remaining space is cleaned and filled with special dental material.
  • 3. Afterward, the tooth is covered with a dental crown, which protects the tooth from breaking and allows for it to be restored to full function. In some cases, patients are given a temporary crown to keep the tooth safe until a permanent, more customized crown is made.

Following treatment, you may experience some sensitivity and soreness around the affected tooth. However, these sensations will eventually fade as the tooth completes the healing process.

Root canal treatment is often very successful and usually, lasts a lifetime with the right dental care. However, on occasion, a tooth may need to be retreated due to new infections. If you are experiencing increased complications with a tooth due to decay, book an appointment with Dr. Espili today. She will be able to assess your tooth to determine if you are in need of a root canal treatment or retreatment.

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