The Truth Behind 5 Sedation Dentistry Myths

Mar 16, 2019

Though dental sedation causes partial loss of consciousness which might be scary for some people. This might not be completely true. There could be many reasons and some common myths surrounding this revolutionary treatment.

  • People think sedation dentistry is only for painful procedures

    It is a myth that sedation is used for time-consuming and painful procedures only. Like the removal of wisdom teeth. This surgery usually takes a long time and oral surgeons opt for sedation to make it smooth and easy. Espili Dental have said that there are many other reasons for application of sedation-

    • Dental anxiety
    • Low pain tolerance

    A sedation assures warrant of other reasons as well.

  • Sedation is always caused by laughing gas

    Laughing gas is another name of nitrous oxide which is commonly used in sedated dental treatments. Some dentists also use oral-anxiety medications and IV sedatives.

    Sedative is used in combination i.e.

    • Laughing gas for early sedation and then with IV sedatives

    Dentists at Espili Dental use sedation as per your situation and preferences. It might not be a laughing gas.

  • Sedation is dangerous

    It is a common myth that sedation is dangerous. A medical professional will always say you that it is not. Various sedative techniques have been carried out for a long time. It results from that safe chemicals, proper administration and monitoring machines always keep you safe.

  • Sedation is only for adults

    People think that sedation is safe only for adults. It is a great practice for children as well. It is often difficult to control the children during painful procedures and is scared of going to the dentist.

  • Not going to the dentist is okay

    People believe that it is better to take care of their teeth at home as they find difficult to see a dentist every time. This is not correct and true. A regular visit to a dentist saves you from oral health problems.

    Severe oral health problems result in issues that are costly and time-consuming.

    Visit Espili Dental, persisting with problems of dental care and understand more regarding sedation dentistry.

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