Dentures: 5 Common Myths Debunked

May 16, 2019

Tooth loss can be a cause of worry and in such cases; patient thinks that denture can only be perfect option for missing tooth. People believe that this is the only suitable option, but this is not true. An expert dentist may suggest relevant tooth replacement option as per need. In case of tooth loss, all myths related to denture must be cleared.

Myth #1: everyone will need to replace their teeth at some point

Many believe that with aging, every individual will lose their tooth and they will need dentures for sure. This is not true. With right oral care, tooth loss can be prevented. Dentures are not the only option suggested in such cases.

Myth #2: dentures are your best option

Many believe that it is the best option for missing tooth conditions. Dentures are not a perfect solution for missing tooth, there can be better options like dental implants. It is perfectly incorrect to say that this is a suitable treatment for everyone. A dentist may suggest perfect solution in case of missing teeth as per patient need.

Myth #3: you don’t have to care for them

It is a general myth that dentures need no care but just like other tooth replacement option, proper care is essential for this replacement technique. They may equally require proper maintenance for lifetime results. A dentist may suggest a patient to clean them properly.

Myth #4: they are permanent

Even though the lifespan of this technique is better than other replacement option but they do not guarantee lifetime results. It may withstand for more than 10 years but only if proper oral care and hygiene is maintained by the patient. One may further go for new replacement option after this if required.

Myth #5: you can eat whatever you want

A dentist may suggest avoiding some food after the denture replacement procedure for a few days. Further for maintaining long term results, he may suggest a patient to avoid eating or chewing hard food. It is always a good idea to eat soft food after this tooth replacement option.

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