7 Simple ways to avoid a dental emergency

Sep 01, 2019

You might not even imagine about dental emergencies and must be busy with your daily chores. Dental emergencies can happen anytime anywhere which could be very serious and painful. In case anything such happens it is always important to have a plan. You should know how to handle such traumatic events and keep an emergency dentist in mind.

Dental emergencies are painful and costly at the same time. Many dentists say dental emergencies are preventable but it’s not true. People who play contact sports will surely have an accident. Such type of dental emergency is not preventable and can happen at any time. Some can be avoided with a few preventive measures.

  • Maintain good oral health care

Good oral health care is a very important way to avoid dental emergencies. Brush your teeth twice and floss once a day to avoid cavities and gum disease. Brush for at least two minutes to ensure every tooth surface is cleaned thoroughly. This will also remove the decay-causing bacteria. Use electric toothbrush because they have built-in timers and also clean the teeth properly. At some places, a manual toothbrush cannot be reached and food debris is left behind.

  • Replace toothbrush regularly

The dentists recommend replacing toothbrush in every two or three months or frequently if it looks worn or splayed. Electric toothbrush heads consist of built-in wear indicators so it’s easy to see when to remove them. A worn toothbrush will not clean the teeth effectively so it’s important to change them regularly.

  • Go for a regular dental check-up

Visit the dentist for a regular dental check-up to prevent dental emergencies. They perform a dental examination and check the teeth and gums properly as well as throat and surrounding tissues as part of oral cancer screening. The dentist will look for a sign if teeth require any dental care and ensure that existing dental work is in good condition.

  • Use teeth for eating and avoid super hard foods

Don’t tear plastic tags from clothes or rip open packets of food with teeth. Teeth can chip or break if you break or tear objects with them. There are high chances of bacteria entering the tooth and creating decay. Chewing on ice, candy or hard foods can cause a crack in the tooth or even break them. It is important to avoid super hard foods to prevent teeth from breaking or cracking.

  • Wear a mouthguard

People who play sports tend to lose their teeth because some do not wear a mouthguard. If you don’t take care of cracked, broken or lost teeth you might incur lifetime high dental costs. If these are left untreated, you might suffer from periodontal disease, jaw joint issues, misalignment and headaches. Always wear a good quality mouthguard if you play sports.

  • Go for a splint if you grind your teeth

Life is stressful and everybody deals with stress in different ways. But if you grind your teeth being in stress which is known as bruxism, then see the dentist as soon as possible. Usually, this is an unconscious activity which is a difficult habit to break. The causes of teeth grinding includes- paining jaw, teeth sensitive to pressure or worn teeth.

Due to bruxism, crowns get loose, teeth breaks or tooth enamel wear out which causes bacteria in dentin. The dentists recommend a dental splint in case of bruxism. It is custom-made with soft or hard plastic. You need to wear regularly to protect your teeth, close bone and tissues.

  • liKeep hydrated

Many people don’t drink enough water. The body needs plenty of water to generate saliva and maintain oral health.

Saliva is a protective fluid that maintains neutral pH in the mouth and removes excess food particles, old skin cells and bacteria. Saliva also contains specific minerals that help in protecting teeth and also reduces the risk of tooth decay.

You can avoid dental emergency work by following above precautionary tips. Prevention is the best way to avoid dental emergencies but accidents can happen anytime. If you are not able to prevent an emergency, then visit the dentist as soon as possible.

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