4 Myths About Tooth Extraction – Busted!

Apr 16, 2019

There are numerous misconceptions among people regarding tooth extractions. So here are some facts about teeth removal by the experienced personnel at Epsili Dental to clear up some widespread myths and bring out the truth!

Myth: Tooth extractions are painful

Truth: Modern dentists actually make use of extraction methods with minimum invasion and superior anesthesia to ascertain the comfort of patients throughout the procedure. The tooth is loosened with a tool called an elevator after numbing the part systematically. After which, specialized dental forceps are used to pull the tooth out by its socket. The process is mostly over within just a few minutes. A little pain and discomfort might be felt after the tooth is removed, but it can be taken care of with prescription painkillers.

Myth: Recovering from a tooth extraction is a long process

Truth: On the contrary, as long as the post-treatment guidelines are followed, recovery is quick and easy. While the tooth socket takes a little over a week to heal fully, most patients only feel discomfort and pain for a few days after the treatment.

Myth: Everyone needs their wisdom teeth pulled

Truth: Removal of wisdom teeth is not always necessary. Even though earlier dentists urged everyone whose wisdom teeth began to erupt to get is pulled, modern dental surgeons do not deem it to be always necessary. This is because wisdom teeth could come out without any harm, especially in the cases of people with excess space within their mouths. This could be easily checked with an x-ray and an oral examination at Espili Dental.

Myth: Extracting an infected or damaged tooth is always the best option

Truth: In reality, when having a damaged or infected tooth, it is recommended to save it instead of pull it out. A root canal or crown could be appropriate solutions. It is best to consult the dentist on whether pulling the tooth is necessary or should you save the tooth as much as possible. Removal can cause a shift in your mouth that might in turn necessitate dental bridges, implants or dentures, all of which are quite expensive treatments in comparison to a root canal.

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