Dental habits you should break

3 Dental Habits You Should Break

Jul 11, 2017

Good dental care is much more than just brushing your teeth. No matter how much you brush and floss, bad oral health habits can be sabotaging your hard work and increasing the risk of damaging your teeth, leading to even more dental problems down the line. Here are three things that could be affecting your oral health—break these bad teeth habits for a safer, healthier smile.

Biting Nails Habit

Biting your nails isn’t just a bad habit. The constant biting can wear down the surface of your teeth, putting them at risk for cracks and damage and making them more sensitive over time. If you’re having a hard time quitting the habit, there are solutions you can put on your nails that taste bad enough to alert you to when you’re biting and help you keep your fingers out of your mouth.

Chewing Ice

It might seem harmless, but chewing ice is one of the worst things you can do to your teeth. Ice can damage the enamel, hurt your gums, and even cause your teeth to chip or break if you’re not careful. As a rule, you should try to avoid chewing hard foods if you don’t want your teeth to break.

Poor Oral Hygiene

While brushing your teeth is important, aggressive teeth brushing or using a toothbrush that’s too hard could actually erode your teeth’s enamel, damaging your teeth in the long run. There’s no need to be forceful with your brushing—a soft brush and slow movements will get your teeth just as clean without causing any damage. It’s also important to floss regularly, as not flossing leads to gum disease which can cause your teeth to fall out if not treated quickly enough. Flossing takes only a few extra moments but can make a world of difference for your teeth.

Breaking these bad dental habits will go a long way towards preserving your oral health in the long run. If you have any questions about your oral health, your dentist will be happy to help. Call our office anytime to book an appointment or ask any questions you might have!

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