Should I Get Dental Implants or Dentures?

Dec 21, 2018

For thousands of years, dentures were the only option when it came to replacing missing teeth. And, while dentures have advanced greatly over the years, dental implants have quickly become one of the most popular options when it comes to smile restoration. Although dental implants were actually invented back in the 1950s, it wasn’t until recently they became a well-known treatment option. Within years, however, dental implants have become the most selected option when a patient is interested in replacing a missing tooth and restoring their smile. Not sure if dental implants are right for your smile? Schedule a consultation, we’d be happy to let you know.

About Dentures

A denture is a dental appliance which is used to replace multiple teeth in a row. Both complete and partial dentures exist, while complete dentures are used to replace an entire row, partials can be used to replace one, a few or even most of your teeth. Complete dentures are typically secured into place using adhesive pastes, while partials are secured using natural teeth left in the smile.

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are actually made using different parts, including the implant, the abutment and the prosthetic. The implant serves as the artificial tooth root and is surgically attached to the patient’s jaw, actually bonding with the bone. Once healed, the abutment is then attached to the implant sticking out from the gums, allowing the prosthetic to be secured. The prosthetic can be a dental crown, bridge, partial or even denture depending upon various factors. For those interested in replacing more than one tooth at a time, a bridge, partial or denture may be recommended.

Get Dental Implants in Houston, TX Today

Ready to restore your partial smile with our Houston dental implants? Contact Espili Dental today, our dentist in Houston is always pleased to see new patients at our practice and would be more than happy to get you on the schedule for a consultation. We can evaluate your smile and overall oral health to determine if you are a candidate for Houston implant dentistry.

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